Thu, 07/31/2014 - 18:24 -- JKosche


He keeps his promises

He holds to His Word

He is the constant

On my knees or standing tall,

I am heard


He is Master of All

He has made it from His very breath;

He is perfect

Yet we, one by one, to sin fall

And, like sheep, unknowingly stray from the path

Consequently to endure great wrath!

Yes, in despair it seems!


But He conjured up a Plan

Above our most wild dreams


He sent His dear own Son

To live as all man, yet all God

To fulfill the prophesies and a perfect life

To drink our destiny of outpoured death

To feel the sting, so we should not.

In our place, He called “I will pay!”

By this, to the Father God, He is the Way


From the first lights of created things

To the end of all

His children who accept this as true and follow Him fully, just like He promised,

Will be protected under His wing

When all else crumbles and falls.


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