Having gone.

By: Anyssa q. e. 


I do not understand, 

how I could feel this way,

t'is not happiness, nor anger, but sorrow and pain,

that stems from a happiness I cannot explain,

something I feel when I see you, I'd say..


Though I am in another's arms,

my cosmic dust longs for yours,

An empty wash upon empty shores,

a silent home with sunken doors,

patiently eroding till there is no more. 


Yes, I do long for you,

my heart throbs to sync with yours,

my mind grows numb from heartbreak sores,

wanting you and nothing more,

Facing the sworl of eternity,

i long to take that path with you. 







Very beautiful, I do recognise some feelings you describe :0

anyssa beeb

Yeah, it's tough to feel your heart leak through. 

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