Tue, 01/14/2014 - 17:51 -- Jmagic

Camila Camila,

I have much to say to you, but lets be honest you think i'm just another fan of yours which I am but you would not understand if I said I am a pretty cool guy. I write poem to explain how I feel and can write songs with my ukulele and I can betbox. I can teach you alot of cool things you might not know of. I also know magic so belive me when I say I have magical hands. ha, that made me laugh alittle. Anyway, you may not know me now but soon I will know you ,and not just the idea of you the real you.

But time can only  tell so untill then you can find me by a well and I will being sing aloud about my best memories with my best buddys. I love your name (Camila), but I hope you don't mind me calling you (Karla). I never knew a karla before. Latter Gorgeous !


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