hard time for dreamers


United States
34° 15' 8.9172" N, 117° 16' 45.7284" W

With little promise or opportunity
we carved our dreams from the various values we identified with.
Filling our hearts with the educational incentives of
transcendency, prosperity, resiliency.

We see a passive segregation
between dreams and where we really "ought" to be.
As if climbing higher past the dull silver linings
is greedy.

I strike my matches with a hellacious resentment;
anger towards narrow definitions, disgust towards the death
that plagues my eyes and ears, my friends and past.

When did possibilities become so rare?
When did hard work get quantified as opposed to inspired?
When did being a person get so difficult?

Each breath of life
ignites a series of options,
the answer is in your exhale:
let go and carry on.

Carry on, carry on, carry on.


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