Happy thoughts

Happy thoughts


My sweet boy from Neverland, whisked me away into the night.

Happy thoughts, needed to fly with delight.

Away from the adult world.

Over the city we leaped and twirled.

To a magical land with mermaids, pirates, and Indians too.

Who knew I would grow to resent you. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.


You sneak into my room, rummaging through my drawer.

You always come through the window, and never the front door.

Claiming, you have lost your shadow.

I never would have suspected you were a big man hoe. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts  


So? It just happened to be coincidence, that your shadow, or incidence.

Landed into my lacey underthings.

All tangled up in bras, panties, and G-strings.

You say you will never grow up, and fall in love, but half of never land you lust of!

Let's see, Wendy, Tink, mermaids, and Tiger Lily.

Juggling hearts all willie nillie.

I know the way a boys mind works, I have two brothers so I know how to spot out a real jerk! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.


I give you my thimble, but you pay no mind you bimble your way through life.

“I will never grow up! Or have wife!”

Your ultimate decree.

“I'll make you fall in love with me, and break you heart with no apology!”

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.


I suppose this is one of many womanly duties.

Sit still, cross my legs, and be a beauty. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.


Ladies don't adventure, but sword fights and storytelling are my thirst quencher.

A lady shouldn't spend too much time with her brother.

No, she should put all of her effort into being just like mother.  

I suppose I understand now, society wants men to stand and women to bow.

When brothers rough play, Wendy must keep her smile and sit up straight all day.

When Pan does it, they applaud.

When Wendy does it, all of sudden they become appalled.

Silenced by my figure, the taste of society's outlook on women is bitter!

Because of my breast, I have become oppressed!

But, remember chin up, be pretty, smile, and think happy thought, happy thoughts.


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