Happy Birthday My Love


We can’t rewind lets stop the clocks just pause.

This lifes now gray my eyes now changed starry

We are humans, we make mistakes. Sorry

Farewell, Love you, said non I just applause

what you had fixed is now like a cracked vase.

No death! My fault! He entered the plane chary

I quote "as I pondered weak and weary"

Sorry for this sudden “small world” sad cause.

Which “H” of death will you turn out to be

You’re gone away but not by soul amiss

Help me I guess you can’t. I’m in pain.

Which “H” of death I won’t be yours maybe

I had Feelings but now I’m like well this.

Wish you Birth death my Love caskets and cranes

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This has to do with my dead boyfriend. We should never get into pointless argements with someone. You never know when someones will truly "Leave you alone" forever. It's not a feeling you want.

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