Happiness is never free


So many lovers have loved and lost, 

they never tried to fight the cost. 

Love doesn't conquer if you don't help it win,

for love is a feeling that can't help but to give in.

The world believes happiness to be everything that is free,

but if you don't work  for what you want never will happiness be.  

Love is a battle

that you can't sit back and watch,

you must put on your armor,

and give it all you got.

Everyone and everything

will try to bring you down,

don't give up and don't cave in,

just don't forget to look around.

People love you more than you know,

they will support you and help you grow. 

Love will  be there standing by you

whenever you need help,

because love will never abandon

a heart that is in a shell. 

Always remember that love has a cost,

It doesnt always have to be lost,

The greatest things in life make us happy, 

and happiness is never free. 








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