Mon, 10/27/2014 - 21:44 -- DomoDee


Happiness is like confidence, its Key

I looked at all my mistakes

and thanked them because

in the end its made me 


Happiness is always used in terms of lust

but my happiness has taken me

further into trust

because I have god on my side,

I have my family on the other

I have friends for the ride

nothing seems better


Happiness is something that gives me value

and I thank the surroundings that I bow to

because its really given me purpose

to be a better individual

it makes me happy, when im trying

to be something in the making

I'll leave the ones who I am with

but ill never forget what I had to take in


My Happiness is when Im on that podium 

expressing all my feelings

because they have been caged 

when i let go, thats the end of this rage

end of all the hardships

end of all my pain


My happiness isnt fame

but rather that im living my life

still a kid, not in jail, doing good in school

no kids, no wives, just enjoying the time

the time that goes by quick


I am forever greatful for the things that took place

because now when I move out of state

I'll always remember what made me 

me, the indivdual who seeked happiness



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