Happily Ever Independent

Once upon a time,

All the stories and nursery rhymes

floated through the air,

filling the room with magic and hope.

Back when we were innocent,

and didn't know 

that that isn't how the world works.


Cinderella was a maind,

tormented and abused,

by a family who treated her as a slave,

a low life and waste.

Well then why did she stay?

Did we need the beepadee-bopadee-boop?

When she could have run away, and started a new?

She had the skills, and the power,

but into the story we allowed the world to devour

her joy and her happiness,

and her strong will.


Look at the fairest one of all,

with Snow.

Once again envy rules all,

but at least she had the strength to escape?

Not so true for the girl in blue,

another victim to be saved from her own innocence

and trust,

by no other than the man on a horse.


Is Ruppunzel any differemt?

Left alone and locked away?

She stays inside obediently,

and refuses to come out and play,

but who is the hero

if but a man

with the courage to take on yet another witch,

a wicked woman.


What would happen if we gave them courage?

The will to be independent?

What if we changed the roles?

Would all of us learn form their examples

of ficticious characters of the past?

When the girl saves herself from her errors,

when trust was to be earned,

when defiance of abuse was given,

when we learned to fight for ourselves.


We can't wait for prince charming

to come and save us all.

We must take the chances to do it all alone.

So go ahead princesses,

don't just stand their and wait.

Liberate yourself from yor circumstances,

be the hero today.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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