The Happiest Time

Today I am happy.

Tomorrow, I'm happier.

But when is the right time?

In the morning we're grumpy

and sour and sweet.

In the monring we're tired

but don't eat the meat.

We slurp smoothies.

Eat eggs.

Scramled, not boiled.

That's what mom says...

During the day I inspire

to be my best.

During the day I inspire

those around me.

Duirng the day I inspire

my teachers to congratulate me,

but now I'm not happy.

I belive there is no real time

to know when you're happiest.

Not in the shower.

Not at home.

Not with people.

Never alone.

Surrouding your self.

Not even then.

When the moon is right

and the sun is set,

not even then am I happy yet.

Maybe a wedding, maybe at dawn.

Maybe I have it all wrong...

Do you wanna know when you're truly happy?

When you reached that end?

When satisfcation is right?

When you can call it rejoice again?

I'll tell you now,

since you're still here.

It's when you smile

for no reason.

And your stomach does back flips

when their near.

When you cry over a guy

who did you wrong.

But love over takes that ache 

shaking thoughout your arms.

It's when you feel it.

Feel it yet?

I know it's not the happyest you've been.

But I bet you know now,

that this entire time you've been reading this.

You thought of that day.

That time.

The happiest moment

of your life.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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