Hands of Politic's Around My Neck




  Sickening, to the hearts that beats to the sound moralitySickening, to the mind that is free and uncovered by heinous viewsSickening, to the ears that have to listen to fabrication Its for the better good you say, your words pierce me like a needle going through skinBetter good, for whom are you talking to?Certainly it can’t be me that you are talking to Or the people that are starving because poverty has devoured themOr the people who die for something that doesn’t existOr people dying from diseases were a cure should exist Yet you tell it is for the better goodWho is this the better good?Is it she, he, him or her Or maybe it is the rich aristocracy that controls youThat makes money from the debit of othersWho gluttons on the feast of others Who monopolize the small businesses of others Who monopolize the homes of otherWho monopolize the mind of others For the better good, that is nothing more than an impudent lie.Which insults the mind of those who open there eyesThose who release your hands from around there neck


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