Hall Of Doors


You asked me to abolish force/I think I'll have you watching more/

I introduce cerebral's port/ I think I'll call it "Hall Of Doors"/

The Hall Of Doors is a labyrinth in cerebral/

A dove flies down and comes back/ now it's an Eagle/

The room of moral compass/contains the thoughts of evil/

Sends to the Room of Transparency/ to be see-through/

I see you/ and you wonder how I think/

Journey to the center and you'll find my mental state/

I have many forks many rooms to consume/it's because I switch moods/here is where I get food/

Remember when you were young and they taught you "food for thought"/

Your physical was hungry/they looked at you/and you looked lost?/

Well this "food for thought" that I speak of is toasting fine/

When my mind digests/ I have to keep an open mind/

The open mind is trigger which is the constant/

Have to keep it open/or within life, I'm lost in/

The willing to learn must be achieved/

Without this/cannot think straight/I feel uneased/

Inspiration's a light that I shine in/

Sends to the room of reflection/ and it is Shining!/

And it even helps when I'm dining/

Out with my family/ even brings me back to my humanity!/

Now to conclude this tour of my mental/

Please do me a favor and take this back to your central/

Cause you might learn something new about yourself/

With my open mind/ of course I care about your health!/ 


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