The Gym


The gym, so musty and cool.

The weights clanging against the ground.

The buff guy, I thought “what a tool.”

The hydraulics hissed, and gave out a sigh.

The tap-tap-tap, of feet on the treadmill.

I thought to my self, “I wanna look like that guy.”


I started to run, gave it a try.

The beads of sweat ran down my face.

Someday, I’ll look like that guy.

The weights that clang, it rings in my ear.

The room seemed infinite, lined with mirrors.

That bead of sweat looked like a tear.


The smell, so familiar and cool.

The clang of weights, like music to the ears.

Now I wonder am I a tool?

I move around the equipment and weights so sly.

The hum of the treadmill, so calm to me.

It just occurred to me, I am that guy.



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