Guns Gone Wild

Guns Gone Wild

The sound of not so distant gunfire rings in my ears

I’ve been hearing these sounds for years

But they don't seem to quit

Red states don’t give a shit

They like their guns and their second amendment rights

But they don't seem to understand our rights

The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness


My right to an education

They will say “We are a divided nation”

But they don’t seem to understand the depth

That watching my friend’s death

Is like never being able to breathe fresh air

But they don't care

They think they are taking the crown of thorns

They think they are going against the norms


All it is is Guns Gone Wild

Nothing about AR-15s is mild

They aren’t hunting weapons

They are warfare trepans

No other democratic nations

Would let humans die from these abominations

Except in America, where the president pays off porns stars

And cuddles up to czars


When the victims try to fight back

The Alt-Right takes it as an attack

A fight for our life

Is only met with strife

Dumb kids, get back to class

Our attempts to make them empathize is seen as crass

We walk out of the hunting ground to Washington, DC

But they close congress doors so they don't see  


So they don’t see the blood on the ground

The children’s bodies all around

It’s Guns Gone Wild

Where a rifle is worth more than a child


This poem is about: 
My country


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