The university can be a microcosm of the real world, an escape from it,

or both at the same time


Why would we invite a danger of the real world,

a danger that can be prevented from existing on school grounds,

a synthesizer of suffering,

a mechanical grim reaper,

into a community of intellectual growth?


Shouldn’t the university be an incubator for success, not an incubator for tragedy?


Originally, they were meant to protect ourselves against animals and savages


But now, it’s different


Savages now have access to these bringers of death, which has only yielded

tragedy after tragedy


The poor regulation of them here in the US has allowed

people who are not capable of safely owning one of these,

to own them



You’re out in the open,


on college grounds, after class or a school club or hanging out with friends,

you’re walking back to your dorm or you’re walking to your next class


At the same time, you see someone suspicious lurking around,


waiting patiently,



observing at the environment around them,

with eyes full of darkness


The suspect is carrying it


You see the suspect lifting it


At an instant, you run


You hear it go off,





You run, you run as fast as you can


Then, you feel it


An extremely sharp pain on your body flows through you,

you notice where the flying bullet hits you


You try to reach for help, but most of the people in proximity have already fled


You reach for your phone to contact the police


The minutes for response feel like hours,



an eternity


When authorities of all kinds arrive,

they might have made it in time to neutralize the enemy and save the endangered,


or they might be too late


You don’t know.




There is a counter-argument to every story,

“What if you had one yourself?”


You see the suspect taking it out


It goes off,





At an instant, you reach for yours in defense


You and the shooter both think, “I’ll take you out first before you take me out first”


But then, you feel it,


multiple times


The shooter already won the quickdraw


You have immediate shock from the wounds, as a result, you don’t know where you shot


You might have missed,

you may hit,

you might have missed AND hit


You don’t know.




No matter what story to choose from, you feel pain,


but later on,


that pain can and will multiply to your loved ones


This nightmare can no longer be considered a nightmare,


because nightmares are just dreams


It is a reality,

a stark reality,

a reminder that this is the real world,


and in the face of danger, there is no second chance after death


So I ask you,


yes, you,


the question again:


Shouldn’t the university be an incubator for success, not an incubator for tragedy?


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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