Gun Violence

Gun violence is nothing new in my neighbor,

people shooting left and right and I'm hoping one of those bullets don't hit mine,

shaking my head everytime I go on social media and see someone dying from gun violence, 

guns don't bring happiness, nor will they ever,

and shooting in war don't make things any better,

if I had a dollar for everyone who has been shot in my city I'll be a millionaire, 

all you see is me being rich and not the amount of bodies gun violence takes,

mothers praying things will get better, but when is it ever really, 

having to see their sons involved over something silly,

gun violnce is something that my neighborhood is used to,

seeing someone get shot, then watch as people set up candles and a t-shirt,

and theres nothing police can do beause they don't want to get hurt,

what happened to fist fighting over differences, 

not saying fighting is okay, but it sure is better than seeing a R.I.P on someone's name,

hopefully one day gun violnce will end.


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