The Gun

the gun is loaded like my head,

It's fire like my attitude,

It brings peace and pain at the sametime,

like I do at certain times.


I dream to get away,

like putting the gun up,

My life falls into shambles, like when the gun cocks back.

I try to regain my sanity.


I breathe hard blows out,

Like how the gun blows smoke,

I hope I don't choke,

Like the finger on the trigger.


I look at the gun like it's my life,

The gun resembles me,

But it doesn't control me at all,

sometimes it acts like my life, sometimes

I act like it. But it will never hurt me.

I own it,

The gun.

This poem is about: 



This was my very first and i love it dearly. I will never part with it. Things for your very first time will be bumpy or hard but pretty soon it;s a smooth ride. That ride will take you to places that would make you happy. So if your reading my poem for the first time you start doing your ouwn. Writing your own poetry will be like things that you never thought it would be because it will be your first time. do it right and take you time. You have to exspress yourself in the poetry.


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