Guardian Angel

You were my hero, My superwoman(man), My angel sent down to this hell that we dare call earth. Before I had met you I was so confused. Nothing felt right. I was so lost and I just wasn't "normal". No one understood how come I never dressed or acted like everyone else, in fact it puzzles me too. 

 That was before I had met you. From the second that our eyes had connected I knew that something was different about you. When our lips had touched all of a sudden everything just made sense. With you by my side I felt as though I didn't have to fight in this fight alone. Words never phased me and when you were hurt I would be the cowardly lion that suddenly turned vicious.  We were absolutely imperfect together. The world never understood us. People called our love immoral, unnatural, unholy and so many others words that I wouldn't dare put on paper but again it didn't matter to us. I felt like I was in a fairytale but unfortunately my dream came to a screeching halt when I had received a phone call that you had passed away and the feelings that had overcame me to this day I still feel. I screamed, cried, noped, and begged that it wasn't true.  Now although I am still alive I'm simply a zombie. So many questions left unanswered but the biggest isn't who or how but rather why? You were my guardian angel sent to earth but now you're back in heaven. If I had to tell you one last sentence it would be "Good night sweet prince". 

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