Growing Up is Strange

They speak to us in the words of someday,

as if all of this will become too grey.

They tell us one day we’ll grow up,

and we never really expected when that day would show up.


And it came to me like a slap made of asphalt

Childhood now came to a full halt.

I’m screaming, I'm screaming, I'm screaming,

and the tears down my cheeks are streaming.


They called to tell us he was long gone.

We sat in tears until the break of dawn.

A son, a friend, my brother,

and oh, how it really hurt my mother.


Eleven years old,

and my heart was turned ice cold.

In all the hurt the thing I did learn;

Spend time with the ones you love before it’s their turn.


We live, we grow, we die,

and it’s easy to ask a big why.

But we love, we learn and we change.

Man, growing up is strange.


This poem is about: 
My family


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