Grey Mouse

The sky is dark the land is still

The moon peeks over a distant hill

An owl begins to screech in the night

A lone wolf howls, bathed in moonlight

The leaves rustle as the wind starts to blow

The temperature drops the sky starts to snow

The cat curls up in front of the fire

The sounds from the forest resemble a choir

They flow through the woods and into the house

They even manage to stir the grey mouse

He wakes in the night to play and to eat

He walks past the fire and feels it's great heat

The cat is asleep, but he still has to worry

For it may wake soon so he must hurry

He sneaks out the door and into the grass

He locates his friends and his family at last

He runs and he plays til the sun starts to rise

It's time to get home before light fills the sky

His night of fun has come to a close

The sun is now up, but as he knows

The sun will go down and the forest will wake

The mice will all join and dance by the lake

He knows he will once again go out and play,

but he'll have to wait through another long day.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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