greetings from LA letter to bangladesh

dear sir from dhaka bangladesh i have

read your story in the internet


of your father’s land that you inherited

when you were only five


and now the river that ran through this

property has eroded the bank


all the way to your front door

and you’ve been forced to sell this


land which no longer has any use

you feel that your father’s labor has been


negated as you grew into it

i am sorry that life demands that which


it has no intention of reciprocating

empathy being a balanceless virtue


it gets messy the handoff from

generation to generation


you choose what you want to remember

you choose what you want to protect


the river between fathers and children

will widen too already hasn’t it


some things yawn and others

fester but you have held up your end


i am an ocean away but yes i have

small affection and yours is


wider than any river point it forward

and drier than any river you’d rather


redirect i am praying that

this opportunity to redraw the borders


will prove fruitful for you

your children taught to inhabit the


muscle of conflict and loss head on

may your own legacy be at all times



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