There once was a woman with charm and grace,

as rich as gold, and light freckles on her face,

she had no job but had riches to spare,

she never helped others and lived life without care.

But after her sorrowful, accidental death,

her ghostly apparition was all that was left.

“It wasn’t so bad,” or so she might say,

until her greatest fear began to take way,

men emptied her mansion and threw out her clothes,

her treasures were taken from under her nose!

“No!” she screamed, but no one could hear,

now all she had left was her soul and her tears.

Angered now, she knew what to do,

she would guard her estate, let no one through.

She brought gloom to the place, and greedier than ever before,

frightening everyone that passed through her door,

until finally nobody dared to go see,

the dead woman doomed for eternity.

Her life was over, yet she failed to depart,

from the very last place she held dear to her heart,

and on she wept, every day, every night,

because her selfishness brought no delight.


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