The Greater of Two Evils

Who am i?

On the inside?

on the outside? 

Or do you mean my instinct?

You must be specific

Because even now

I can't answer such a general question

To ask such a question

is to show no real interest, 

but the want to be interested by an answer

Ask me who I  am

and i'll laugh

you can't see there error 

of your path

I'm not like those ignorant brutes

or those stupid and dumb young fools

I may be wrong

I may be different

My thinking may be skewed

but in the end

it's better than what they have in store for you

they have interests and things

parties and lives

while i sit here

trying to confide

in someone at all

but that's a lie

I'd never tell you all

for that i'm shamed

but it's who i am on the inside

i don't talk to entertain

i talk to inspire

something in anyone

some sort of desire

to think

to know

to try and understand

instead of just sitting there

being bland and banned

from the questions of life

the ideas of things

that all show you who you are

but that's a mere thing

something unnecessary

something not needed

to live your lives

so i'm sorry

i was wrong to try to confide

for i'll never find her

i'll never find it

such a person doesn't seem to exist.

although once

i thought it to be true

but i was wrong

my thinking was skewed

and i imagined it all

i wonder if it happened at all

my wonderful fall

was it worth it at all?



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