Greater than Love

I Love you, but you loved me before I came to know you.

You love me, so you died for me when no one else would.

I didnt care for you then, yet you still forgave me.

When I hurt you, you opened your arms for me.

When you opened your arms for me, I broke down in tears.

When I began to cry, you comforted me.

When you began to bleed, I turned my back to you.

Yet you loved me more than ever.

Any other man would have given up long ago,

but you are no oridnary man.

Under any other circumstances our relationship would be considered " Unhealthy".

But this is no ordinary relationship.

It isnt my love that makes this so special, it's your love.

I would have given up long ago, but you will never give up on me.

Your love is innumerable, my love is flawed.

This love sounds cruel and one sided to most.

One gives it their all while the other stumbles trying their best to match it.

But the thing is, no one can match his love.

It's a one sided love for everyone who loves him.

We give him our all, but our all is so insignificant.

It's not that our love is a bad love, It's just that he is the embodiment of love.

This is greater than the love we know.

This is a Godly Love.



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