The Great Unmasking


It's so much easier to hide rather than show your inner and true side

Never to let anyone see your masked identity

Do you hide in fear of judgment or ridicule

Or simply because you're ashamed of the real you

Does the person you pretend to be outweigh the realism that would never come into play

Does what you're hiding eat at you in every single way

So much that you just want to breakdown and never look forward to another day

Desperation starts to consume

It's disappointing that you force yourself to wear this costume

I'll admit I've been here once before

Stuck behind this baracading door

And when there seems like there's no way out

Your true self fights it's way about

No longer will your identity be subdued

Instead you let it take the form of you

The great unmasking has taken place 

Now all that's left is your truest face



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