Gravity in his eyes

His assurance gives a distance 

The spaces of solar lights and magnitude 

reflect off my eyes, only wanting to gaze 

Energy of his presence radiates in my movement 

I hold grasp 

I would consider, concieve an excuse of what his allure was percieved out to be

Even if the stars claimed me 

Even if the dirt held up to my lips 

I rush between both mutes 

And they collide 

Prepossing regards on his behalf 

I beg to allow me a realization, a sermon 

And i hold back 

The pavement still, when with him turns to silver ash, demanding all 

Excluding stone 

He's so mindless, clueless 

On how i generate towards him

Mediating between him and reality 

becoming absent minded of the speed creeping on the clouds 

He crashes 

and i start over.

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My country
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