A hero in his prime

But he was built to high this time

That should have been the sign

That he would fall


A wife and kids he had

All they needed was a dad

But left alone and sad

They tried to move on


The years came and went

Much alimony spent

Few birthday cards were sent

They didn't want them anyway


Children grew and flew

Told dad they were through

They had one they knew

But he couldn't be this man


Now grandchildren are no bother

They've lived without a caller

They have no grandfather

He's all they've ever wanted


To sit them on his knee

Into whose arms they could flee

Is there something wrong with me?

Don't you love us?


In the ground he lay 

Left with nothing to say

No respects to pay

We don't even know you


Now you're gone forever

No time spent together

I won't forgive you ever

Are you happy now?



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