Grand Stage

Here we are
18 years old and still can't drive a car
18 years old and you still can't give a girl your heart
18 years old and you still can't say "Hey I need a job."
You say these to yourself as the the hands on the clock never stop.
But yet you can turn on a game.
Take a picture and change the frame.
Sleep and have dreams as you were hungry and do nothing but chase fame.
You have came this far and for what?
To fall apart?
To crash ?
To live and die and become nothing else but ash?
No no you wanna be fossil fuel.
You must wanna be what you always despised.
You must be a loser.
The guy that has nothing so they'll call you a user.
The guy that'll hit anything from the back but gets mad and will throw his fist at a lady so they'll call you a abuser just cause you didn't have the money to amuse her.
The guy that writes his poems as if they're letters to himself just because he can't express himself to the world.
You were nothing is what you told yourself and if you give up now that's what you'll become.
I get it, you're afraid to grow up but you need to.
You were the opener
You were the halftime show
But now you're 18
You're on the grand stage
Always look head of the crowd so you'll know to never fall.

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