Graduation Poem

And so it begins - the countdown to the day

Where seniors are liberated, left to do as they may,

Upon the brink of four years our stay here has been,

We came with slight reluctance, but we leave with a grin.


Our stay has been long, yet much we have learned,

Many friends we have made, and many friendships returned,

Yet in the melee of adolescence we forged on to the top

And seniors we have become, the cream of the crop.


Much is owed to the teachers, who helped us in times

When all seemed amiss, and even sometimes

When we were unsure of ourselves, or the choices we made - 

They provided us advice, and mutual aid. 


The friends we kept near, helped us make it through the day,

Yet the friends we kept far - well what can I say? 

They influenced us, yes, but they stayed at a distance,

Merely helping out here and there, proving to us their existence.


Perhaps I am harsh, on those "friends" kept at bay,

Yet teenage life is such, that they start fading away.

All the friends we hold near, journey with us to the end,

Our words they decipher, and our stories they comprehend.



And let us not forget our counselors, to whom

Our career choices were told, in that secretive room, 

They helped us in many a time of dilemma or strife,

Helping us move towards a more professional life.


And here's to the people who make our life great,

Our families, of course, who constantly dictate

That to achieve generous earnings in this life and next

We must make education our goal, and humanity the context.


Lastly, to various others, who've helped us big and small,

In their own little ways they've answered the call.

By and by they succeeded, in showing us the way

Shaping in part what we have become today.


And so we move on, a new chapter begun,

To further our knowledge, with just a hint of fun;

To forge onwards, as adventurers, in the journey of life,

To find our own way, in society - a wildlife.


In closing, I'll add, this year with you all has been nice,

I would never trade this experience no matter the price;

Many things have been learned, many decisions made and gone,

And yet experiences arise anew, to lay our hands upon.

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