Wed, 05/10/2017 - 02:34 -- Hobodia

From college to knowledge 



Do I really wanna graduate anyway?

I mean, I have one year left if I build up stress

And take 18 hours by 2 the next 

I could just stay in school forever

Take 3 hours each semester

And live off sally Mae’s dear letters

She sends me mail so often

& I aint gay

But I know she want me

But I know she a gold digger

She only contact me for my money 

“Sally I know I aint been answering your calls


let me explain… it's because 

Times is hard…”

& technically I wont owe you until I get a real job


So call up my dad until then

Cuz I know he like to talk 

But yalls conversation might be short 

Cuz he aint go to college

Went for one semester

But he is attending another

The one I know im graduating from 

Now he’s a barber 

And a stocker 

And a driver

Plus he give plasma for a living

Man my daddy work so hard

And a degree wont guarantee

That ill have any less jobs

What if when I get out of school

No one hires this crazy fool

Cuz their jobs are all filled up

To the brim of the cup

Almost runeth over

That’s my mind with all this stuff


No clue what I wanna do with my life

But I know God put me here to write

So whether I graduate college or not

I could care less

I just want to graduate life

Then as I walk up the stairs of fluff

Knowing my life was no bluff

Seeing the light 

As one hand reached out to grab mine

And the other holding a paper

God hands me my diploma

As he says

Here you go Khadijah Adwoa

Job well done

So glad to say I know you

he turns his head

smiles at his son

Then looks back at me

I smile down at my degree

Tears streaming down my cheeks

I open it and it says



Graduate of Earth University


This poem is about: 
My community


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