I never thought it would be oh so sweet

Couple of months left, it better be quick

For 5 years, 8-12th I've been here

Induring each day as it went by, not realizing how lost I've come to realize

Ever feel like you're a number?

Or a symbol of something you can never be?

I lied to myself momentarily, thinking I should be what everyone else wants

The praise I saw was favoritism's curse

Something I realized was worse than an illusion

Credit was stolen by my closest friend, she never bothered to understand

I felt meaningless to everyone, incompetent to how academics were run

I was learning things that would never make me be what I truly wanted to become

Passionless, mindless facts, paths that have worn my tracks

Ever feel like sleeping in? to forget what the day will bring?

Or ever feel small? In a world where everyone tries to be all?

I'm tired of looking at my grades. I'm tired of looking at my peers. I'm tired of being a number. And I'm just tired of being tired.

When this chapter ends, I will be set free

To pursure art, my passion, my glee

I was never horrible at school, I'm in the top 10%, it's true

But what I'm tired of is seeing is people who think they care, although their assumptions and words are empty and bare

I'm done with everything

I'm done with waking up at 5:30

I'm done with being something I was never meant to be

So forget high school

It's not as great as it seems

so what if you're Valedictorian, Salutatorian, or last in your class

There is something in each of you no person can every control

It is a gift you were meant to use, nothing like science, math, or words, but something greater

Something that high school could never teach you

Pursue your dream, pursue with ambition

Because no matter what anyone tells you, you can do it

"It's so hard" "It's too much money" "You won't make enough"

just say, "At least I'll be happy"


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