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walking through the hallways,
her head was hung down.
She was screaming from the inside,
but on the outside was a pretty smile.
No one knew about the weight she barred amongst herself,
She put on a bewildering front.
Her friends had no clue that she was a victim,
but her parents saw her pain.
She continued walking through the hallways,
with her head hung low.
Waiting for someone to relieve her of this weight.
her classmates didn't care what it would do to her,
they just wanted something to laugh about.
Her pain grew deeper, driving her further and further away
All she wish for was to be carried like pollen.
in the wind of spring.
she wished she could go away, to a far away place
her wish came true.
after a glass of water half full, and a handful of pills
she finally got away.
on Monday she didn't return to school,
she wouldn't be walking down the hallways anymore.
she wasn't able to walk across that stage
and recieve her freedom from that pain.
That lovley girl just wanted peace,
at mind and in the soul.
she found her escape.

Poetry Slam: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem needs to be spread across the world in addressing bullying
powerful piece
keep writing-im a power poetry mentor
you can even address this as a school community
great job

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