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He gets up
Goes to school
Tries to prove
That he’s no fool
Looks around
And hopes that
Nobody knows
Nobody knows

He is fine
Girls will stare
He doesn’t notice
Doesn’t care
He keeps on watching
Nobody sees
Nobody sees

And he doesn’t understand
These feelings inside
That burn him alive and
All he can seem to find
Is he’s losing his mind
Losing it slowly

He goes to church
It’s a ploy
To show he’s a nice
Christian boy
But where is God for him now
When he’s lost and afraid
And no one can save him

Looks around
Takes a drag
How could Daddy love
A fag?
So he’s back at square one
Hoping nobody knows
And nobody knows

And he doesn’t understand
Why he thinks of him
When he kisses her goodnight
And he finds no comfort there
When he sits alone
And cries to sleep at night

Take the shot, the panorama
Born and bred in Indiana
And everyday
He hides behind his face

Broke it off on
Packs the car and
Leaves next day
Tries to find
Someplace where
Nobody knows
Nobody knows him

Takes a breath
Its okay
It’s the start
Of a new day
Grabs the wheel and starts
To hum it along
He don’t know the song, though

And he doesn’t understand
What packing up
And leaving home will do
But he can see clearly now
That there is still time
To try and start anew

He gets up
Looks around
Picks his clothes up
Off the ground
And now
He doesn’t care
If everyone knows

But nobody knows him


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