By the Grace of God, Go I?


The mind is a cognitive facility, actually, faciliites that enables — consciousness, perception, judgment, thinking and memory.


Consciousness is the quality or state of awareness.


Perception is the intrepretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand surrounding environments.


Judgment is the evaluation of evidence to make a decision.


Thinking is the process of consideration or rational reasoning.


And memory is the ability to preserve and refrain events in one's life.


The thing that motivates my mind to overdrive its gears is the existence of God.


Is God real? Or is it something that someone made up to prevent people from being who they are?

I'm obviously not a Christain because of the lack of evidence presented to convince me otherwise and my questioning of God's existence.


But I'm not an atheist either.


Maybe, agnostic, but I hate labels.


I grew up in a household where the motto was:


"If you wash yourself in holy water and dry yourself with the Bible, all your sins will be forgiven."


But if imperfection and being who you are is a sin, then why should I consistently apologrize for it?


Why I can't embrace the aspects of my personality and how unique of a person that I have become than pretending to be someone I'm not?


Why can't people accept me for who I am?


I'm sorry for not being hetersexual.


It has been proven that sexuality isn't a choice nor is it genetic. It just something that you can't control, no matter how many times you bow down on your knees.


And I'm sorry that the rabbit died before I gotmarried.


We make mistakes everyday, so why repent if God, supposedly knew what we will do in the future?


If God is loving and merciful then he should love and accept all of his children.


Even the whores, the homomsexuals, the misguided, the corrupted, and  the unloved.


Hell shouldn't be a spiritual place of punishment.


No one is born evil. Life mold them that way.


Life harden their hearts and took their ability to love or to feel anything but pain and wrath.


In a way, life is the true hell.


It's cruel injustice and unfairness.


The only difference is that its temporary because death is sudden and unexpected.


Heaven should be created for everyone.


Where the flowers and the trees sing, and the ocean and the sky have interesting conversations with you.


But apparently that's not the case.


You have to be a certain way to fit the exclusive "heaven" club's standards.


Or else you'll be deny entry immediately on the spot.


Until the sun dies out or when we have an awesome zombie apocalyse, mankind will forever question the existence of God.


But as for me, I'm still a non-believer.


Wandering through life, and trying to find purpose in this world filled with rot and regret.




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