"Goodnight, Shorty."


I kind of hate staying up just with you.

It's not like I have very much I could do.

I sit here just waiting and thinking and such,

but the longest I wait is the longest too much.


I visualize how our conversing would end:

When you'd insult my height and I'd just pretend

to be deeply offended and shake my fist at the screen

(which for you, would be missed. Blame technology.)


But now that the fire's dwindled down into nothing,

Truth is, I really want to tell you something.

Anything, really! I just want to talk.

I'm tired of sitting around with a gawk.

So if you could please hear me out over there,

I just want some friendly conversing to share.

If we could do that, I'd surely weep.


If not, thanks a lot.


I'm going to sleep.


Need to talk?

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