Goodbye Tricks, Hello Me


Why do I hide who I am?

Do I hide out of fear?

Do I hide because I’m ashamed?

Do I hide because I don’t really know who I am?

I hide for all these reasons


I don’t hide my feelings

I don’t hide my passions

I don’t hide my dislikes

I don’t hide my likes

I hide something more


The fear of failure

The shame from things I’ve done

The unknown

I hide all of this


How do I stop hiding?

How do I get over my fears?

How do I forgive myself for things I’ve done?

How do I find out who I am?


I must find people who accept me

I must accept my fears and overcome them

I must forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made

I must ask myself ‘Who are you?’


When I accept myself, the smoke will clear, 

When I accept myself, the mirrors wll crack

When I accept myself, the curtain will drop

When I accept myself, I will be free



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