Saw what I want not to see

The breeze brought me there

To the dead space, motionless

Populated with colors and html code

Populated with diaphanous smiles

Images of shop windows

Where yesterday, today and what will be are exhibited

Where stories are assembled

Where you sigh and cry

Where you desire but cannot reach

Where there are and there none

That dead place that leads me to my death

That tear out my leaves

There is less of me

Every day less me

More you

It does not matter, did you expect it to be different?

I do not believe it, you cannot believe it, it is a rule

It is disorder of what was fixed

The deal and the pact of forced oblivion

The fatigue of the doubt

The drag of the agony

But it does not matter

I have stopped fighting, I survive a borrowed time

Maybe some hours more

And my forever goodbye

A goodbye you will remember

The only goodbye you will remember

The farewell of my departure…


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