The Good Stuff

Bitter like licorice, but sweet like honey

Soft, melt in yo mouth, kinda soft

Spicy, salty, nutty, crunchy

A drop of cinnamon, a taste of caramel

Add a pinch of brown liquor, and you've got

The Good Stuff


Addicting, it gives you a high you'll never believe

It's made from the cacao bean

Man, I can eat it all day

Swirl it on top of some fresh strawberries, and you've got

The Good Stuff


Wanna know what I'm talking about?

Chocolate, yes, I said, Chocolate

There's nothing else that makes me feel better about myself

It's the color of my skin, and it tastes so sweet

Where do I even begin, to tell you of all the wonders, it's done for me. 



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