Good Old Song!!

It was the day when you were born

I decided to quit and I had sworn

I am not looking back at those good old days

I know I will be hurt in some different ways


Walking on the road less taken left me high and dry

I have no feelings no words and no tears to cry

Yes, I miss you I miss you a lot

Everyone tells me to get over you but trust me I have really fought


It’s not that I don’t want a life or a smile on my face

But the mundane sound of your head always wins the race

Tried hard to hate you and smother you along

Failed every time still Didn’t get used to that good old song


Good times were few, bad times were many

I don’t see the memories for you were worth a penny

My heart has shrunken; maybe it doesn't want to pump

The sane old song is so familiar that it causes a lump


I hate it I hate it when I think of you

All the times which I thought were very few

I am singing this song to cry my heart out

I am ripped in a cage but still can’t shout


Love is now down the memory lane

Which did drove me hugely insane

I argued, miscued and went too far

But had never stopped loving you even when it went from sweet to sour


You taught me the lessons of life

Promising one day you would be my wife

I remember walking the stairs of the temple with you

Thinking I have got my god in my hand and that really was new


Dreams they exist? No they don’t, they never can

They are made to horrify and thus destroys an entire clan

I might have a tear rolling down my cheek as I write this

I know I can’t bring the time back after that last farewell kiss


It sums up to be a hollow day which is always sunny

For me you were the sorrow and you were the one who was funny

I know I will never find you again

Maybe that is how it will end, yes that is how it will end


You are missed, you will always be missed my love

The fainted voice sings that same song hitting sharply like the taste of the clove

So now you are gone and also gone those 365 days of agony and pain for so long

I live my life everyday singing that same good old song.




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