Good Music

Because I love you, my toes wiggle when I hear that beat 

it's that song, you know the one?

the one, the one that goes like doodbie doobie do wop 

or at least that's what it makes my heart do.

Good music, I think is you and me 

the way we fit together (I know it's pretty cliche) like a melody 

but it's true. 

Our good music, well it talks to each other 

not just "I love you's" but "how are you's"

 and even sometimes "I am so angry with you I just can't speak"

our music is the ups and downs of a life led by two,  

it is me and it is you. 

The somehow meshing of, 

a symphony, two parts with seperate identity, 

but just like the way you love Indie and I love Reggaeton 

our music Salsa's together while simultaneously sipping the perfect dark roast coffee. 

Good music,  that makes us dance our favorite dance, 

that one that goes doobie doobie do wop. 

Even in the bad times, even in the sad times

our music is strong, 

it is you and it is me, 

but it is also we. 

Good music, good us, good love. 

Because I love you, because you love me, 

good music is what we'll always be. 



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