Good Girl

Good Girl is the iron-barred cage that I live in.

I want to do what's right in my heart,

but it's wrong according to my religion.

It feels like a compliment and other times it hurts

when I choose to live in conformity to please most people

in the outskirts of my space.

Come and fly with me to a place

where a good girl can just be her own girl --

never to worry about living up to

the standards of this cold world.

I heard a billion times, "just be yourself" and everything good will follow,

but I know that rule isn't constant considering those

who view my personality as hallow.

It can't be altered. It can't be changed.

The paint has already been stroked

and a portrait of me has already been arranged to hang

with "Good Girl" captioned across.

I think it's a total loss to have a heart full of passion

that has to be contained and refrained

from spewing out its essence to anyone who sweetly says my name.

Since when does 'good' have a negative connotation?

Ever since changing that role meant more consequences and less approbation.

A pair of closed legs never got that much attention

from the men who I thought treasured my spirit, but I guess it's just another lesson.

Never get your hopes up too high, or else they'll fall twice as hard.

Don't be naive. Don't you dare conceive the idea that you're the only one

who was with them in their car.

The good girl knows what's right, but doesn't know about everyone's intentions.

Good Girl wants to talk, but he just wants to get inside of her.

Good Girl asks, "why?"

He says "to add to my collection of souls that are insecure".

With interlocked legs and thighs, she could tell who really loved her.

But all the dudes she met so far

had 'abstinence' go in one ear and out the other.

She's not sure if her beliefs are innate or instilled by the family

who prevents her from getting raped or killed.

Good Girl is grateful that she has her transparent shelter

along with her wisdom to keep her away

from the dark forces that once felt her.

She thinks there's good in everyone,

that angels fly in Heaven and on Earth below.

But most of my philosophies don't seem to work in this life,

so I guess I'm just a stupid good girl for thinking so.


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