Good blood my bad blood, What makes america Great?

Tue, 04/18/2017 - 13:03 -- Techna

Good blood, my bad blood 

never really understoood the connection, but every day it makes a world wide connection

Like America is the greatest  juxtaposition session.

I see you sittin' in the black blood section, like it's a blessin' when it's really a curse.

Thinkin' 'bout it just gives me chills while I'm sayin this verse,

because it slowly grows worse.

We're like sheep, with the wool over our eyes, wondering why we can't see the sun rise.

I want to open your eyes, I want you to see.

I want you to see behind the facade, may it rest in peace.

America is like a symphony,

ringing with harmonies as well as inconsictancies.

It dosen't mention me it dosen't mention my friends, unless somthing violent happens on CBN.

My country tis of the, why do you write us as villans and not our history.

Sweet land of liberty, where I'm afraid of those who protect me.

Of the I sing, I sing of those who bleed and died not too long ago.

Land where my fathers died, because of the color of thier skin.

Land of the piolgrim pride, that never seems to ammend the problems from within.

Let freedom ring , Let freedom ring from the guns that cut ours down.

You're right when you say America is Great.

It's the greatest hypocrit there ever was.

We learn about the holocaust and the Jewish camps, but not the darkness of slavery.

I can't seem to grasp why, when only a few thousand Jews were put into camps, 

it's more important to learn than the camps we held in America.

Land of the FREE, I sing as I tell my slaves to keep working.

America dosen't reconize it's own mis-counducts.

It's greatness lies in the systematic destruction of our lives.

We say 'Founding Fathers', but what happen to the mothers that came here?

What about my sisters who fight for every right?

America is a travisty.

It's greatness lies in the power it stole.

What makes America great?


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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