Why did you leave?

Ne'er to return.

Gone, no life to prove

and none to show your work

or knock on the old inn door,

Ne'er to seal with a kiss,

Think of all the times you had to prove

and all the times you'd rather miss,

your life's work is hidden

cherished side by side,

the old inn gate is tarnished

left by lover's lies,

If i gave you a rose for everytime I cried.

Baby, Darling, we lay side by side,

Packed away tightly, hidden from sight,

Marked by a stone, out in the light,

Ne'er did you return,

Ne'er will you find,

For I was buried, when i died,

And you were happy, til you cried,

and he lay sleeping the day i died,

now we lay sleeping the day you cried.


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