going home 2018

I'm spreading my wings but 

my feathers are falling

stuck in the past 

while my future is calling


ready to run, but

my body is heavy

trapped dehydrated 

in a dry empty levee


with the hands of a child 

I must hold onto hope

yet I'm still overthinking

with a mind that is grown


and my shades are still drawn

though its soon to be morning,

while in love with the dawn

life in mid-day gets boring


wave goodbye to the carpet 

I've torn up at the ends

bid farewell to the walls

that hang notes from my friends


combine all my sketches 

and store empty books

wondering what I'll forget 

and what I'll learn to cook


the world is opening 

itself to my eyes

but it didnt give time 

to realise


that this is only a moment,

a dream of the past

nightmare of the present 

where soon I'll wish to go back


set off 


to a place where the lake 

is too far to call home

to where trees replace cacti

and I'll be on my own


where the lightning strikes harder

and the clouds exhale ice

where the song of birds comforts

and the breeze lends advice


and the sun beats down faster

and secrets are stored

Inside caves in the mountains

and a harsh guitar chord 


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