Mesmerized from the beauty of her eyes,

Should he walk up or should he keep his feet in park,

Heart pounding head spinning, what should he do?

Words can't explained the beauty of this goddess!

Palms sweaty do he have a chance or should he turn away.

Boom caught her eyes, she sees me!

Her glossy beautiful brown eyes staring through my soul.

But the emotional suffering that she is oblivious of, from the lack of respect.


R for are you going to treat her like the queen she is.

E for emotionally detaching from you , because of the self decision her-he makes.

S for sending signs and signals that her-he won't stop on red to think, but slows down on yellow from lack of attention and effort he gives, then finally going green to meet the one for her soul.

P for persistence is now programming into probably not.

E for effected from the selfishness her-he starts to display

Can you give her what she needs mentally?

T fpr turning away from her-he to set herself free.


Staring at her pure soul flowing like the crystal lake in Heaven.

I love to hear her talk, I listen

The music I hear from her steps.

I never seen a Goddess fade, my soulmate when she walks across.


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