God for a moment

It's here I sit, looking at beauty's start 

Yet here, I laugh at my bewildered heart 
Her eyes match that of starry skies 
Feelings for her greater than family ties 
If I lost this there will be a great demise 
Set sail amongst troubled sea's ,this boat corroding 
Against the oceans heaves, my will is being broken 
For my words lack the skill of spoken 
And this ship is going down, In lieu of a captain 
Neither, took lead of this troubled vessel 
My mission is now to end this situation deemed stressful 
Now, to her I am god yet, strange and unfamiliar 
To me, I am a goblin, beautiful and familiar 
It's a shame I have to end this, Now the darkness begins to overcome her 
I now live in a world of undetermined reality 
I apologize for my obscenity and crassness 
I lay her down to sleep, For I am a prisoner in this madness
I am the warden in this madness 
I lost all sense of what is real
I gave up all sense of what is real
And now, I lay her down to sleep


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