GOD DOES NOT EXIST—BUT WE DO 7/17/14 (our lives are not predestined; we make our own path)

The collectiveness and unity by people of every damn color at their place of worship is what I believe in
perhaps I’m too blasphemous, too blessed with a head filled with constant thoughts that rests on sturdy shoulders-- shoulders that could carry the fucking world (if need be) these bones, these bones, composed of organic matter, carry this body (this heavy body), whose heart knows heartbreak a little too well, the same heart, this very heart here will take care of you-
all of you, every single cell and all of you quirks, imperfections, all of you,
with open arms and even a gleaming smile this heart does not worry about our contrasting beliefs; this smart mouth knows now how to hold its tongue; the brain will send red flags and incoherent processes in every direction… but the heart remains, holding you to the highest standard need not kneel before a deity’s unknown existence, clasp your hands together only in appraisal to your lovers’ body, your mothers’ smile, your child’s laughter, the fast paced ever vibrant heartbeat of your beloved pet we are what we worship; you and I may never be gods, but we know what our limits are- praise the human spirit


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