God Bless the Bully

God Bless the Bully,

theyve been pushing me around.

Lord I try to turn the other cheek

but they bring me to the ground

God Please forgive me,

I've been thinking hateful things

I know we should only have love

but the words they say, they sting

God Bless the Bully

They must be lost inside the dark

though they try to break mine instead,

theres something missing in their heart.

Lord show me how to be the sun,

to fight for you and never run.

Though I may never understand this fully....

God bless the Bully.

God please forgive them,

For they know not what theyve done

though you're all I have and need

they make me feel llike I have none.

God please forgive me,

My body temple i've defaced

it's hard to filter what I feel

I think you think I'm a disgrace

God Bless the Bully

They tell me I shouldnt be here,

If im worth less than what they walk upon,

then tell me whats my purpose here?

Lord give me strength to stand alone,

to make your love to them be known.

Though I may never understand this fully...

God Bless the Bully.

Lord, give me wisdom to find the words to say.

Lord, give me comfort, wipe my tears away.

Lord, just promise everything will be okay...and...

God Bless the Bully

They need guidance in this life,

Show me how to love them gracefully,

You will set all things right.

Lord I don't have to be alone,

help me to take these people home,

where you will love us fully...

God Bless the Bully.


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