The Goal to Adulthood

In my youth, I only care for popularity,

forgetting how to show sincerity.

Friendships, real or fake

that's all I wanted to make.

My mom became my foe,

always insisting me to grow.

Pushing agendas that I hated,

and in return, I retaliated.

Younger me didn't care about school

she only wanted to look cool.

Low grades didn't faze me,

but Instagram like brought me glee.

Though, on a very special summer,

a passion was what I discover.

As I learn about how aquatic animals behaved,

I found myself being amazed.

A summer camp I'll never forget,

as I'll always be in its debt.

I was able to find a life-changing goal,

one that changed my mindset as a whole.

Wanting to understand aquatic animals and the ocean,

has earned it my devotion.

I finally understood the importance of education,

as my time in summer camp ended alongside my vacation.

That upcoming school year

was when I concentrated on my future career.

No more distracting relations,

it is time for higher expectations.

No more family fighting,

because without them, my future wouldn't be exciting.

No need to fit other's standards,

its time to work on my manners.

No time to pick a cute dress,

I have universities to impress.

This new mentality is my drive to success,

I will not settle for anything less.

By learning, I have grown,

and unsurprisingly time has flown.

I have entered the world of college,

and I can not wait to acquire more knowledge.

I'm willing to grow and face any fear

if it means securing my dream career.


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