Glow-Up, Grow Up Slam - College

My outlook was blurred

My life skewed

New environment

New schedule

New people

But the transition was

Not the change I envisioned

Not the change I hoped for

The change I had in mind was

Far from home


My own place


New Friends


I was in a community

Community college

I was the same

Shy, quiet, awkward

High school, part 2, I thought

So I had to learn myself

In order to love myself

My insecurities, my sensitivity

I had to open up

Just so I could rise up

So I helped others, I took a stand

I stepped out of the box

I had resigned myself to

So I could prepare myself

For the formerly unclear road ahead

My reality, community college

Was not so bad, it was better

My reality prepared me for my fantasy

A fantasy away from home and everything I knew

My outlook did not have

To be blurred

My mindset made it so

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My community
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